Royale Pass Package

Experience the upper Blue Mountains by purchasing our Royale Pass package.

Combined with any accommodation stay at the Palais Royale, you can take a journey back in time, with Mountain Tales as you learn about the rich history of Katoomba and Leura.

To enjoy the Blue Mountains and it’s surrounds, you can also venture on the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, which allows you to hop off and hop on anywhere along the buses trail which includes the iconic Scenic World, where you get a complimentary pass to experience the wonders that make up the Blue Mountains iconic experience.

In the evening, you can enjoy an awe-inspiring astronomical experience with Blue Mountains Stargazing, where astrophysicist, Dr. Dimitri Douchin, takes you on a stargazing journey whilst enjoying a beautiful grazing plate.

For more information on the Royale Pass, contact our Guest Services team at +61 2 4784 6300 or email us at


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